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Nutrition for Children

Rs.30,000 Feed 140 childrens

SUPPORT Nutrition for Children

Healthy nutritious diet is an essential component in the growing and developing years of children. It aids in building a strong foundation in the child with regards to staying healthy and imbibing good eating habits right from childhood. As per the Global Nutrition Report 2018 nearly half of all under-5 child mortality in India is attributable to undernutrition. In the 2019 Global hunger Index, India ranks 102 out of 119 qualifying countries. With a score of 30.3, India suffers from a level of hunger that is serious. Nearly 47 million or 4 out of 10 children in India are not able to meet their full human potential because of chronic under nutrition or stunting. Healthy eating is essential for child's good health, growth and development. Healthy eating in childhood means they will have less chance of developing chronic diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity and some cancers. It will also mean they feel better, look better and enjoy life more. Almost 2 in 3 children between six months and two years of age are not fed food that supports their rapidly growing bodies and brains. This puts them at risk of poor brain development, weak learning, low immunity, increased infections and, in many cases, death. Proper nutrition allows for the vitamins and energy needed to function and grow, but also ensure optimal brain development. Because healthy habits start from childhood, nutrition from an early age impacts your child's current and future weight.

The Baby Care Foundation has identified 80 children of Z.P School, Umele, Dist: Palghar, Maharashtra and Z.P School, Tawakhal, Virar-East, Dist : Palghar, Maharashtra.
The children are provided 1 nutritious meal per day, within school premises, under supervision of School authorities.
The Baby Care Foundation appeals to all to help us provide nutritious food for growing children.
Rs.30,000 Feed 140 children for 2 Months
Rs.15,000 Feed 140 Children for 1 Month
Rs. 8560 Feed 80 Children for 1 Month
Rs. 6420 Feed 60 Children for 1 Month.

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