Nutrition for Children

COST PER KIT per CHILD- Rs.753/-


Malnutrition is widely recognized as a major health problem in developing countries. Growing children in particular are most vulnerable to its consequences. Cases with mild-to-moderate malnutrition are likely to remain unrecognized because clinical criteria for their diagnosis are imprecise and are difficult to interpret accurately. Studies have suggested that there is a need to focus on the youngest children in nutrition programs to prevent long-term effects. Undernourished children are also more likely to come from poorer backgrounds Being malnourished can make a child ill, as your needs the food as a fuel to make sure it functions properly. Being ill can also lead to malnutrition as this often leads to poor eating habits. Other signs can include: increased risk of illness and infection.
The Baby Care Foundation will provide Nutrition Kit for children of age group between 3-10 years in Rural areas

COST PER KIT per CHILD- Rs.753/-

Malnutrition is a fairly wide-spread and complex problem that poses a serious threat to life and India is home to the largest number of underweight and stunted children in the world. The current nutritional status of children not only reflects their well-being of the present time but also reflects future outcomes in terms of their health and development. Undernutrition is closely associated with a large proportion of child deaths, with undernourished children more likely to suffer ill-health than well-nourished children. Though infant mortality rates have fallen and life expectancy has been rising, health indicators still point to high rates of malnutrition and mortality especially among women and children and a widespread lack of access to health-care.

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